A creative workshop serving your dreams

the creation

I sail in the depths of my emotions, and come into a poetic and fantastic world to extract curves and materials. As an invisible world of the transition from invisible to sensitive.
In direct carve or accompanied of a sketch I let my intuition totally free.

Direct carving
The stone is carved directly without landmarks
The sketch
It gives a direction to follow, a starting point to guide the creation
An outstanding selection of blocks

The material

the stone

The stone carries with it the memory of life. Softness, purity and depth that comes from inside, a secret, an intimacy. The presence of shell, veining reflects a past still visible, highlighted by a variety of finishes and patinas.


Marble offers a lot of colors of huge diversity and singularity. A powerful and demonstrative expression of nature that it is necessary to canalize to need to highlight the creation.

The mastery of gesture:
an ancestral knowledge transmited from generation to generation

the work
of material

Stone and marble are natural materials that require a know-how, a unique listening to be tamed under human hands. The tools are the same for centuries: they are used to extract the details of the material or the power of a glow.


The work of a creator on stone and marble from the Designer where borders are found underperformed the mastery of the craftsman Art that combines the beauty of the gesture, purity of form and reveals the soul of matter.
Between tradition and innovation, my creations spring from unique expressions.

the creations